Featuring 26 rooms with beer taps and a beer fridge in the shower, the hotel aims to provide a fully immersive experience as the ultimate destination for craft beer fans.

The World's first crowdfunded craft beer hotel will overlook the Scottish brewery’s headquarters in Ellon.

Named DogHouse, the hotel will be the result of BrewDog's crowfunding campaign success which raised £53m from more than 73,000 investors and will also fund a new sour brewing facility on site.


Consistent with the company's bold and innovative style, the hotel will be a Beer Nirvana where guests staying at the luxury suite will get to enjoy a hot tub filled with the brewer’s award-winning craft beers. 



Food will be equally exciting, with three-course breakfasts, lunches and dinners all infused and paired with artisanal craft beers, ensuring the beer experience lasts from dusk until dawn.




The DogHouse will be the company's second hotel, the first is currently being built at its American brewery in Columbus, Ohio. Besides the hotels, Brewdog is also planning to build breweries in Australia and China, develop a dedicated craft beer TV network and create 15 new craft beer venues in the UK. 




To learn more, visit BrewDog


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