We have partnered with award-winning virtual and augmented reality company Oncor Reality to give one hotel in Scotland a high-quality virtual reality tour for £200.

To help hotels maximise sales after lockdown, Oncor Reality has also decided to offer hotels in Scotland a “Buy Now Pay later” service, restricting costs entirely to a small percentage of booking revenue attracted specifically through the virtual tour system.


With hotels all over the country anxiously waiting for lockdown to end, the industry’s current unfortunate situation may actually carry an unexpected opportunity. As signs of the lifting of travel restrictions begin to emerge, global internet search trends show a rapidly increasing level of interest in Scottish Hotels around the world – in fact these are at their highest since lockdowns began in March.




However, travellers statistically start researching their holidays up to 12 weeks in advance, and with the only option available to them being the internet, 90% are doing all of this research online – more than half exclusively reading reviews, checking prices and – importantly -  viewing images of their destinations on their mobile phones.


Visitors Can Explore, view and book rooms directly.


The majority of these try to do all of this research on the same website and, with competition higher than ever, particularly from booking sites, it can be hard to stand out.


Visitors can view and explore the whole hotel as a 3D Model



Fortunately there is a tool from the real estate market that is proving to be equally (if not more) effective in increasing online conversions in the hospitality world.
Virtual tours offer guests the opportunity to explore properties before they decide to physically visit them – they can do this on their PC, tablet or even mobile phone with equal ease – and the results for those hotels offering this option have been dramatic.

•    Virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours
•    Properties featured with virtual tours get 95% more phone inquiries
•    Properties featured with virtual tours receive 65% more email inquiries versus those without
•    Virtual tours generate 49% more qualified leads



The whole hotel can be viewed as a floorplanThe whole hotel can be viewed as a floorplan.


Creating these virtual tours requires a special camera to take scans of every room throughout the property while they are empty – easy in a show-house or domestic property, nigh on impossible for an active hotel – which is really the only reason this technology hasn’t taken off in the hotel sector.



Visitors can even Measure rooms to ensure they are suitable for their events.


Fortunately, with hotels throughout the country currently sitting vacant, and online research for bookings skyrocketing in preparation for the lockdown ending, there has never been a better time for the industry to use this technology.


The main problem is the absence of bookings leaves many managers loath (or unable) to make any new investments. Even for a process like this which starts at £1000 for a small hotel.


Visitors look at rooms and suites in detail.



We have secured a virtual hotel tour at cost from Oncor Reality, meaning that your hotel can have a fully hosted virtual tour available on the website, social media and any other platform for just £200, which is enough to cover the crew's own costs. 


This is offered on a fist come first served basis so please get in touch with Oncor Reality soon visiting this link:


If you wish to take advantage of their 'Buy Now Pay later' offer, they are happy to help too. 


Oncor Reality


See the result of the work they have done for Carlowrie Castle below.

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