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Mackays Hotel celebrates 65 years as an independent family business this month

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09 July 2020

Why this is not the time to slash rates

Common sense is still one of the most valuable skills in business, we need to think before we act.

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08 July 2020

Redundancy Payments Service (RPS): Should You Apply?

With estimates that around 100,000 of the 280,000 people employed in Scotland’s hospitality sector could lose their jobs…

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13 June 2020

The biggest threat to hotels after lockdown: Overdoing health and safety

Hotels, bars, restaurants and pubs have reopened in a few countries around the world. If you think that our biggest chal…

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05 May 2020

Opinion: The Future of Hotels Post Covid

The life of a hotelier always has been one of adapting to change. Nothing stays the same for long – if it did, then the …

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29 April 2020

Australia imposes mandatory COVID-19 hygiene training for hospitality: We should consider the same

Hospitality staff in Australia will be required to complete a mandatory COVID-19 hygiene training online before the re-…

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27 April 2020

Opinion: Hospitality needed a shake up call even before the pandemic

Many hotels and restaurants were already teetering on the edge. If they’re to survive this, the industry must come toget…

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Hotel Suppliers
17 April 2020

Bringing Hotels to People's Homes During Lockdown

If you feel that you should wait and not spend time developing content for social media, we are here to tell you the opp…

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02 April 2020

Recovery will be slow but it will happen

Prior to this current public health crisis, Scotland’s tourism sector was thriving with one of its key challenges focuse…

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14 March 2020

Overcome The Coronavirus Crisis with Entrepreneurship

After spending the most part of this week talking to hotel owners through the phone to get a more accurate picture of th…

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04 March 2020

Opinion: The challenges in delivering successful and sustainable tourism

The Scottish capital was chosen to host a conference for Harry’s Travalyst initiative, which includes some of the travel…

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16 August 2019

Scottish Hotels and immigration post-Brexit

Today, employers all over the UK are obliged to carry out right to work checks on every individual that they employ. Cur…

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25 June 2019

Glasgow Hotels are benefiting from the city’s status as a world leading events destination

Glasgow's investment in recent years into leisure and events venues across the city now sees it host some of the largest…

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